How to Decorate With Window Clings

The beautiful sunlight of summers makes every person to simply open all the curtains and blinds. Everybody wants their house to have the taste of the ravishing sunlight of summers. When you open your curtains on a regularly basis, it makes you wonder how can this part of the house that is your windows also be decorated so that they further enhance the beauty of your house. The answer is simple. By using window clings you can simply make your boring and dull windows beautiful and attractive.


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    There are many types of window clings available in the market. It is important for you to decide which one you want for your window.  Your choice of window clings excessively depends on the size of your window and your personal choice of course. There is no hard and fast rule that you only can use one particular type of window cling. You can use a combination of window clings.

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    Basically window clings can be applied anywhere on a glass. That glass could be your glass door, shower glass or your windows. You can simply decorate your windows purchasing the different available clings and apply them on your windows. If you are using it just for the purpose of decorating your window then apply the cling on one corner of the window. But if you are using it so that you can avoid the use of curtains then you should buy the one that covers your whole window.

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    The same is the case with your shower glass as well as your glass doors. Your purpose of use will determine how you should place the cling. For glass doors it is preferred that you apply to the entire door but as for the shower glass simply apply it up till the maximum possible height of the person who will use the shower.

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    If you do not like clings available in the market you can simply design your own window clings. For your child’s bedroom you can ask your child what type of things he would like to see on his windows. Based on his ideas you can get customized clings made. If you think it is costing you much then simply get the material used to make clings and get to work.  This could also become a nice family activity.

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    By putting appropriate lights on the top of your window ceiling from inside and outside could also make your window clings look attractive and noticeable during the night.

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