How to Make a Train Table with Storage

Making your own train table can be a real fun-filled activity and show your creative skills to others. You might need the assistance of someone in making a good quality train table but it will be a really amusing job to do.


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    Choose a Correct Table

    You need to lay down the train track on a table and for determining the size of your track, you first need to make an appropriate table. You don’t necessarily need a round table to lay down a circular train track but a rectangular table can also be used for building an oval shaped track. Normally, a 4-by-8 foot table will be sufficient to build a train track having a 18 to 22-inch radius.

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    Lumber Needed

    You have to build a strong table for your train and thick plywood should be used for its top. A ½ inch thick plywood sheet gives the ideal strength to your train table. As for the supporting frame, 1-by-3 inch lumber can be effectively used. You will also require 1 ½ inch long, flat-headed wooden screws to assemble the supporting frame.

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    Choice of Support

    You can build up a folding table or with cinder blocks. However, if you have a permanent train space, fixed-legs table will be more convenient to build.

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    Cut the Lumber

    You will require an electric cutter to make two 8-foot long pieces of the lumber you have selected. This will form the sides of the supporting frame.

    Cut four cross braces (one for the each end and the two to support from inside) and make sure they will fit in the narrow side pieces. Many lumber stores cut the pieces by the time you purchase it and it is better to use their expertise in this matter.

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    Assembling the Framework

    Lay out the plywood sheet on the floor and place the 8-inch pieces of lumber along its sides. Now using the wooden screws, attach the cross braces on each ends so that the lumber exactly matches the outside of the plywood. Now attach the two cross braces to the inside as well.

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    Attach Plywood

    Put the framework on the floor and then place the plywood sheet on it. Use a drill machine to make holes within the plywood sheet along the sides and then use the screws to affix it firmly.

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    Level the Table

    Put the table top onto the supports and make sure it is perfectly levelled. You can insert spacers under the corners of the framework to adjust height of the table and level it.

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