How to Make a Ceiling Seem Lower

Admit it, all of us are obsessed with the place we live in and want to make it perfect according to our taste. Ceilings form an essential part of any room. Some of us like the grandness of high ceilings and the space it allows us. Others love the coziness and warmth that comes with low ones. However, most of us have to do what we have currently, no matter high or low unless we design the house ourselves. However, for those who are not planning to shift homes or make one and still want to make their high ceiling ‘seem’ lower, we have a list of suggestions. Follow our step by step guide to get the magic potion ingredients.


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    Bring in warm colors:

    Warm and dark colors give the cave in effect which makes the ceiling look lower than reality. Paint the ceiling and walls in a shade of red or a combination of the color. However the ceiling should be of a shade darker than the walls. It is also observed that patterned ceilings feel warmer and nearer than clear ones. Wood paneling in the room and wooden floors also give an intimate feeling to the interiors.

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    Hangings from the roof:

    Hanging a long decorative or lighting fixture from the center of the room like a chandelier, will reduce the perceived distance between the ground and the roof by its length. Since it is protruding from the ceiling, it will seem to you and other onlookers that it is actually the height of the ceiling. Recessed lights in the ceiling also tend to bring it closer.

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    Horizontal factor:

    Combat the vertical height with horizontal factor. If you are using a wallpaper, get one with horizontal stripes. Do the same with the curtains. Get curtains that do not give the vertical look when hung. You can also get horizontal blinds. Get frames that have width longer than the length. The horizontal length will balance the vertical one.

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    Reduce the distance between yourself and the ceiling. Get furniture like beds, chairs and couches that have tall backs. This way you will feel closer to the ceiling and it will not feel that far. Get shelves and paintings that stretch horizontally.

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    Go for dim light setting in the room. This will give an intimate ambiance and will make everything come closer including the ceiling and you. Of course this is not possible during daylight.

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