How to Protect Wallpaper Corners

Wallpapers generated a bad name after use in the 1970s, but recently have gained popularity again. Firms such as Design Your Wall Inc. and a number of other wallpaper sellers have helped this cause. Wallpaper is a good alternative to painting and adds a new style to the decoration of your room. However, protecting the wallpaper is a very hard task and everyone wants to master that art.

Wallpapering in the corner is very intimidating, but it is not that hard than what people actually think it is. The last piece of paper you place on the wall needs to turn any corner it comes across. This is because perfectly plumb corners and perfectly straight walls are very uncommon. As a result of this, do not start or stop a piece of paper at or in a corner.

However, if you do there will develop a clear gap in the line formed by the cutting edges. The pattern could also be out of order. Therefore, plan what you will do beforehand. You can run the final piece of paper on the wall into or around the corner. You will require wallpaper, measuring tape, paste, chalk or a pencil, scissors, seam roller and a utility knife in order to carry out this activity.


  • 1

    Calculate the distance

    On inside corners, determine the distance from one end of the last piece of paper you placed onto the corner of the room. Perform the same action at the bottom of the piece of paper along with at the top. After that, grab the wider of the both distances and add half an inch. Then cut the next piece of paper vertically to the same length as of before.

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    Paste the piece of paper

    Paste and put this piece, pushing it against the edge of the previous piece and continuing with it into and out of the corner. Then make the surface free from irregularities on both walls and cut the extra paper at bottom and top as you desire. Produce a plumb line on the wall before wallpapering it. Make the measurement one inch less than the roll’s width away from the corner.

  • 3

    Wrap the paper

    Fasten the next roll of wallpaper in a manner that it overlaps the inside corner twice. Smooth both ends together and take the help of a seam roller to knock down to the wall. After reaching the outside corner wrap the wall covering around the bend.

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