How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas on a Budget

As the Christmas time draws nearer there are many preparations required, that means your budget is bound to get upset. The house should be colourful and the tree should be perfectly decorated.

Everyone wants the decorations to be grand and perfect. Spending a lot of money for one day may not be a very good idea especially if your budget is already tight. One still doesn’t want to let go of the holiday spirit. Don’t worry, you can decorate your house and enjoy the holiday while spending less.

Things Required:

– Enough fake fir wire wreaths to have one on each front window and door
– Ornament hangers
– Strands of 50 lights–one for each wreath
– Shiny Christmas Ball Ornaments
– Fake poinsettia flowers
– Small wicker baskets
– Cinnamon or pine-scented potpourri
– Red and green hand towels
– Individually wrapped Christmas candies


  • 1

    Put the strand of lights around the wreath. Do not put the lights very close as you will need more of them this way. Spread them all around. The end at which there is the plug should dangle from the top.

    The wreaths should be hung on the main door and only on the windows which are visible in the front. With a help of an extension, connect the plugs of the lights to an indoor electrical supply as indoor lights are easier to manage.

  • 2

    Around Christmas time there are packages of coloured balls available in the market. They come in packaging of 12 usually. 1 pack is enough to decorate four wreaths.

    Just fix them at a distance to each other; the balls give a gleaming effect. There is no need to have a lot of balls on one wreath.

  • 3

    Christmas celebration should be evident throughout the house. Change your regular kitchen and bath towels with red and green ones. If you do not have these colours, there is no need to buy new ones, purchase some ribbons in these colours and tie them around the plain white towel to give them colour.

  • 4

    Baskets make a good decoration centerpiece if filled with the right things. There will be many baskets in the kitchen cabinet. Wrap them with ribbons and decorate with glitter. Fill the baskets with colourful candies and potpourri. Some baskets can also be filled with the colourful balls. The candy filled baskets can be placed in front of the guests too.

  • 5

    Fake poinsettia flowers are cheaply available in market. They can be hung around doorways and the Christmas tree for a lively look.

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