How to Make a Ceiling Look Higher

Low ceiling is a common trend nowadays as it is found in most of the modern homes. However, there are some drawbacks to low ceiling as they sometimes make you feel like a little closed in or confined. On the other hand, you cannot renovate your house just because it has low ceiling. For that reason, give your home an illusion of a larger space and make it more appealing. Follow the given below are few simple but amazing tricks to make the ceiling of your home look higher.

Things you will need to make a ceiling look higher:

– Beadboard paneling or decorative paneling
– Wall Paints
– Crown molding and trim
– Fine art collection
– Tall floral arrangements
– Small frames
– Pendant lights and chandeliers
– Floor-to-ceiling curtains or vertical window dressing
– Low level furniture
– Large mirrors
– Vertical Wallpapers


  • 1

    Pretty paneling

    Casing the lower two-third portion of the walls of your house with an ornamental or beadboard paneling is another brilliant idea to make the ceiling look higher.

  • 2

    Vertical stripes on the walls

    Once you install the paneling, paint the upper portion of your walls with the same color and use vertical stripes on them. Keep the base color of the walls in mind while selecting a paint color for stripes. This simple idea helps in giving the walls look taller. As a result, the ceiling will look higher automatically. You can consider various designs of wallpaper or some good quality paints to add vertical stripes to your walls.

  • 3

    Paint the ceiling

    Now, paint the ceiling of your house with a color lighter than the walls and the vertical stripes on them. White paint is preferable as it creates a sense of tallness and mass, reflecting great deal of bright light and highlighting the sense of amplified height.

  • 4

    Crown Molding and Trim

    According to one school of thought, crown molding and trim at the right top of the walls should be painted in the same color as the walls of the room. When the color of the walls will different than the color of trim and molding, your lower ceiling will grab the attention of people.

  • 5

    Add High Art

    Take advantage of your fine art collection and hang them slightly higher. Dangling some small frames above the opening of your doors and windows wonderfully tricks the eyes of the next person into view that your house has higher ceilings.

  • 6

    Consider some tall floral arrangements

    Set some traditional or colorful tall urns or vases in various corners of your house or rooms and fill them with some seasonal blossoming branches or grasses. You can use attractive artificial floral arrangements as well. This simple idea of decorating your home with tall floral arrangements can play vital role in slowing down the eye's movement of people as it moves steadily upward.

  • 7

    Avoid overhead accessories that protrude from the ceiling

    It is better to avoid ceiling molding, pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling fans, and overhead lights as they grab attention towards the low ceiling of your house. If you cannot avoid these equipment, then simply make some arrangement to set them higher.

  • 8

    Use floor-to-ceiling curtains

    Take a cue from fashion and use of floor-to-ceiling curtains for windows of your house in order to create the illusion of height of your rooms.

  • 9

    Use lower level furniture

    Use lower level furniture to decorate the rooms of your home to create a sense of height. Your lower level furniture play vital role in making your ceiling looks higher as it gives a sense of enlarged distance between the floor and ceiling.

  • 10

    Use large mirrors

    Last but not the least; hang a striking large mirror that covers up major portion of the walls. This simple formula tends to make the ceiling of your house seem higher.

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