How to Create a Map Wallpapered Bookcase

Do you have a bookcase installed in your room and you are bored of its old look? If that is the case, then you can add wallpaper to it, by using a map. Using the map as wallpaper will give your bookcase a classic look, while providing you the opportunity to learn about geographical locations of different places, as you will have a look at them whenever you pick a book from the shelves. Here, you have the option to add the map of the world, your country or the city where you live. It all depends on your choice. In fact, you can also add different maps to different shelves present in the bookcase. So, if you have a bookcase and want to add map wallpaper to it, then you do not need to ask a professional, or even anyone from your home. In fact, you can do it yourself easily, without spending too much time on it.

Things Required:

– Gel stain
– Wallpaper glue
– Painter’s tape
– Water
– Tint
– Oil-based gel stain
– Satin varnish
– Wallpaper paste
– Map
– 2″ paintbrush
– Foam roller
– Cloth
– Wallpaper blade


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    Take a tape roll and paste it around the inside corner of the back panel, which joints the side panels of your bookcase. It will allow you to avoid applying the stain on the back panel. Take a 2" paintbrush and use it to apply the red stain on the side panels of the bookcase. Always try to make strokes, parallel to the structural lines of the wood. You should then wait for at least 10 minutes, before you wipe off any excess stain applied on the side panels. Make sure the stain is smooth and does not give an untidy look.

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    Now remove the tape that you applied at the back panel of your bookcase. Take wallpaper paste and apply it on the back of the wallpaper. Now, paste the wallpaper on the back panel and use wallpaper blade to remove any bubbles from the map.

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    Mix two parts water with one part varnish. Now, add several drops of raw sienna tint and burnt umber tint and mix them well to create a mixture. It will form a sepia tone mixture. Now, apply the sepia tone mixture over the wallpaper, using a brush. It will make the colour of the wallpaper to match with the colour of the wood.

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