How to Personalize your Home Decor

We all want to tell the people something about ourselves. We customize our internet profiles, our ringtones and screen savers according to our taste. Nobody wants to enter another person’s house and find out they have carbon copy furniture as them. Your home should say something about you. Many think it is difficult to do that as customized things are expensive. Many simple and creative changes could be done to achieve your personal touch in your house. Just plan a little and play with colours to make your house inviting.


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    Do you have a favourite quote? Lyrics those are close to your heart? Letters and words speak volumes about you, so they should be displayed. Print those words and put them in a photo frame. You could even get them printed on your towels and bed sheets. Another option should be to print them on coffee mugs.

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    There is no need to buy cheap posters to bring colour to the walls. Using your own photos will give it a very homely feeling. Chose your old memorable family pictures and current pictures, get them enlarged to different sizes. Pair them with your artwork to create a colourful collage. Chose colourful frames of different shapes and display the pictures of your kids in them. It’s not only about what you are putting up but how you do it. So wear your creativity hat; change some images to black and white or sepia to give a dramatic effect.

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    There always are some old furniture pieces lying around unused. You may have an old dressing table or a center table that is lying in the garage. It’s time to bring them to use. Relive your old times by renovating those pieces. Use spray paint to colour them into bold shades so that they stand out.

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    Signature scent

    However pretty your home is, if it doesn't smell good, the whole charm vanishes. The market has a lot of variety. Pick up your favourite scent; it could be an air freshener or scented wick less candles. Chose the smell according to seasons to enjoy summer, winter, fall and spring to the fullest.

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    What better way to show your personality than using gifts of nature. If you love plants then this is a perfect way to exhibit them according to your taste. Buy different pots which complement your colour schemes. You can even add some sea shells that you collected on a vacation to give them personal touch.

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