How to Decorate a Home Office in Garden Style

Greenery of garden is indeed comforting for eyes and mind. In psychology, green color symbolizes nature and composure. It helps in reduction of depression and anxiety. As for interior designing, a backdrop in green is considered an ideal choice. A garden style décor of your office will give it a lively look. Personalize your garden room the way you want and bring nature closer. Play with the colors and templates and enjoy the beauty of nature inside your home! Our step by step guide has the details to decorate your home office in garden style.


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    The kind of gardens:

    Gardens are of many types. There are Chinese gardens, French, Roman, Mughal, color gardens, vegetable gardens, bird gardens, etc.

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    Colors and Furniture:

    Next step is to decide your color scheme. Since the theme is garden so colors like Green, orange, yellow, white and brown will be suitable. Extra colors will be added according to the type of garden that you have chosen. Go for wall papers that have floral patterns. Wooden furniture is most suitable for garden theme. Find matching for the type of garden you choose. Make sure the furniture blends well with your garden theme.

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    The lightening and Curtains:

    Rosette lamps, Songbird table lamps and all those related to the theme can fit in well. As for the ceiling, use functioning lights. Curtains give an extraordinary look to the room. The curtain can have floral patterns or can just complement the room paint because only a color scheme related to the whole room can work out too. You can use Priscilla’s or push curtains too.

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    Bring out your own creativity:

    You may not be fully fond of the imagery of the chosen garden, so feel free to add your own taste to it too. However, care must be taken so as to keep everything being synced well together. Add flowers to the room. You can also keep your pets in the room to add a realistic touch. Hang garden scenery frames in the room. The best option is to install a window that looks out into a garden.

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