How to Make Your Home Smell Wonderful

As unexpected guests can drop by at any moment, it is important that your home sweet home smell fresh and sparkling new. Making your house smell wonderful creates a delightful first impression on others. Furthermore, it enhances your family’s living experience and can have a pleasant impact on your mind as well.

You do not need to buy any expensive equipment to get rid of the boring smell of your house. Simply follow the given below simple ideas and basic upkeeps of step by step in order to make your home smell wonderful all the time. They are not only easy to adopt but cost effective as well.


  • 1

    Clean your house everyday

    Cleanliness is the basic requirement for maintaining a pleasant smelling house. The scents get trapped in closets, behind shelves or cushions, under couches etc can give birth to a stinking atmosphere in your house. Clean the washable kitchen utensils, clean the washrooms, vacuum the out of sight odor traps, dispose the garbage in the dustbins, and shift the dirty clothes into the laundry bag.

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    Take advantage of baking soda

    Take advantage of the baking soda in the cabinet of your kitchen and use it to get rid of the undesirable odors of your house.  It neutralizes the stinking odors. You can use the baking soda in the given below methods:

    - Sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom of the dustbins in your house.

    - Place small pots / bottles of baking soda under the sink of your kitchen and  bathrooms.

    Note: Make sure to refill the bottles every week.

    Spray some baking soda on the odorous carpets of your house in the evening. Let it sit for the night and then vacuum it in the next morning – before your family member, especially kids, get up.

  • 3

    Ventilation helps

    Ventilation helps in exposure to fresh air. Open the windows of your house in order to convert the malodorous air of your house into a sweet-smelling one.

    Note: Make sure to close the windows before the sun set as various insects can get into your house in the evening time.

  • 4

    Use white vinegar

    White vinegar is another useful remedy to do away with the foul-smelling of your home. All you have to do is, pour some white vinegar into small disposable cups and place them in various corners of your house. It absorbs the unwanted odor and enhances the overall atmosphere of your house. Refill the cups every week and enjoy a pleasant smell.

    Note: Make sure to place the cups of white vinegar out of the reach of your kids.

  • 5

    Cinnamon Sticks are useful

    Use the Cinnamon Sticks for wonderfully smelling house. Follow given below steps:

    Fill half of a medium saucepan or pot with water.

    Bring the water to boil over medium heat of stove.

    Add 2 to 3 cinnamon sticks to the pot or saucepan once the water starts boiling.

    Reduce the heat of the stove to medium low range and let the water simmer for few hours. The steam of the simmering water contains the amazing odor of the cinnamon sticks and it travels to various parts of your house, converting their stinking smell into a pleasant feel.

    Remove the remaining mixture from stove and set aside to cool. Now, pour it into a spray bottle and spray it all over your house.

    Note: Wear gloves while boiling the cinnamon and pouring the mixture into the bottle in order to protect your hands.

  • 6

    Spray of perfume

    Nice smelling perfumes and colons also help in making your home smell good. All you have to do is, spray the lamps and light bulbs of your house with some perfumes or colognes. Enjoy the lovely scent all over your house once you turn on the light.

    Note: Do not make any mistake to touch or spray the light bulbs and lamps when they are switched on. Make sure to switch them off, wait until cool and then spray.

  • 7

    Use Air fresheners

    One more way to make your home smell wonderful is the spraying of air fresheners. Various fragrances of Air fresheners are easily available in the market. Auto spray air fresheners are also available now. This latest invention showers nice scent after every hour, keeping your home fresh through. Paper air fresheners are another great option.

  • 8

    Light Scented Candles

    Scented Candles are also useful in enhancing the overall feeling of your house. Light some Vanilla, Honey, fresh pine, chocolate, apple pie or cider candles, which are all excellent scents to make your house feel welcoming.

  • 9

    Experiment with boiling water

    Make few experiments by adding some nicely smelling ingredients to the boiling water and give your surroundings an enhanced vibes and perk up your mood. Given below are few examples:

    Pour 4 to 5 glasses of clean water into pot or pan and bring it to boil over the medium heat range of your stove.

    In the meantime, cut a small lemon or orange into fine slices. Once the water starts boiling, reduce the heat range of the stove to medium-low, and add in the lemon or orange wedges. Now, let this mixture simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes. This orange or lemon mixture will give your house a pleasant citrus smell.

    If you do not like citrus smell, then add in few drops of vanilla and some cloves to the lemon-orange mixture. Let this mixture steam for few minutes and enjoy the homey smell of you residence.

    If the smell of the these mixtures do not penetrate into the your washrooms or bathrooms, then simply pour small amount of steaming water in small bowls and put them there.

  • 10

    What about indoor /house plants?

    If you have some space in your home, cover it with some eye-catching indoor plants and enjoy an atmosphere full of natural fragrances.

    Cosmos daisy: Cosmos daisy not only looks great but also possesses chocolaty smell.

    Lemon balm: As the name itself represents, it smells like lemons. In order to make the citrus smell of lemon balm stronger, just rub its leaves a few times per week.

    Salvia elegans: The Salvia elegans will make your home smell like pineapples.

  • 11

    Try vanilla extract

    Dip a cotton ball into a vanilla extract and dab it onto the lamps, tube lights and light bulbs of your house. Turn on the lights and enjoy this lovely fragrance to your house.

  • 12

    Scented Dryer Sheets

    Last but not the least, place some Scented Dryer Sheets between your cushions or pillows and enjoy the fresh smell.

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