How to Design a Room With Stained Trim

In order to make your eye move continuously you need to design a room with stained trim. It is a difficult task as there are several things which cause visual disruption. Stained woodwork is one of these problems and it poses great difficultydental when designing that room. After you know how to handle this situation, you can easily solve this situation. Panels, trim work, crown moulding, fluting, dental moulding are expensive procedures. However, you can lower the intensity of contrast between woodwork, walls, floors and ceilings in order to solve this problem.

Things Required:

– Paint colour palettes
– Stained trim sample
– Paint Samples
– Small roller and tray
– Area rug
– Upholstered furniture
– Fabrics
– Accents
– Large art pieces


  • 1

    Move out everything from the room

    You need to clear the room by shifting everything out from there. You need to take out the furniture, shelves, small stuff, books and everything. By this the structure of the room is easily available for designing purpose. In addition to these, you need to remove the window coverings as well for better viewing of the room.

  • 2

    Pick a paint colour palette

    Now you need to choose a paint colour palette. You can decide the colour from historical collection of home styles which have stained woodwork. In many paint shops, these are available for free. Some of the designs are Arts and Craft Style, Prairie Style and Victorian. By picking these, your colour work for the room is accomplished.

  • 3

    Compare sample stained trim to the palette

    Stains usually come in blondes, browns and reds. You need to compare the stained trim with the palette and then chose a paint colour which lowers the contrast between paint and the trim colour.

  • 4

    Choose variety of paint samples

    Next you need to choose many different paint samples and take them home in quarts. Then paint large squares on the room’s walls with different colours. Visit the room in different time so you can decide which contrast to pick. After choosing, you need to make the ceiling paint two tones lighter.

  • 5

    Place rug

    You need to place a large area rug which has wall colours in the design. By this you will moderate the colour of stained floors.

  • 6

    Upholstered furniture

    You can place lighter upholstered furniture which has same colours range in the room.

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