How to Decorate a Hallway

A hallway is the first thing that captures the focus of guests. If your hallway is decorated with a good aesthetic sense, then it’ll cast a good impression on the guests. And remember that first impression is usually the last impression. Sometimes people overload the hallway or keeps it empty looking, you have to adopt the way according to the space you have. Make your hallway look nice by adding themes, appropriate furniture, a better choice of lightening and wallpapers. Have a look at four simple steps to decorating your hallway with an alluring look.


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    Choose right paint for the walls

    If you have a narrow hallway, paint it in a light color. And for wide hallways where more chances are likely for the sunlight to reach, use dark colors.

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    Avoid excessive furniture in hallway. A table with a flower vase, two three sofas, according to the space you have, will be a rightful. If you have brown doors try wooden flooring. If you have a narrow hallway, then keep less furniture and avoid protruding wall decorations. A big mirror is usually a fine choice as it’ll give your guests a chance to have a look at themselves.

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    Decorating the staircase

    Plants on stairs are good as long as the staircase is wide and also if less children visit your home. A wall paper on staircase’s wall is also recommended. Sometimes wall papers really give a good effect. Make sure your runners are clean. For laundry you can cleverly add drawers in your staircase, this will save your stairs from mess.

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    Lightening creates an instant drama. The mirror on your wall will prove to be a great light reflector in the hallway. Making use of natural light at day time is right choice but for night you’ll need a proper lightening. Recessed lightening or even the up lighters can be used. Use the latter when you have a spacious hall way.

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