How to Make Your House Smell Good

Does someone smoke in your house or have you got any pets? If yes, your house might need some special treatment in order to make it smell good. Although there can be some expensive ways in which you can get the job done, it is ideal to opt for ways that don’t require you to spend much.

There are numerous techniques, which can be helpful in this regard, but you have to follow them properly in order to get the best results. You will need to repeat some of the things regularly in order to keep the house smelling good. However, that won’t cost you much time, so you don’t need to be worried at all.

Things Required:

– Spray bottles
– Water
– White vinegar
– Powdered carpet deodorizer
– Broom
– Febreze, Citrus Magic or similar spray
– Potpourri, activated charcoal, or odor sponges


  • 1

    Open up the windows and doors

    The first thing you should do in order to make your house smell good is allow fresh air to come inside. For that purpose, open all of the windows and doors in the house and repeat this process on a regular basis. Although this step is a must under all weather conditions, you should perform it more than once, when there is humidity in the air.

  • 2

    Spray water and vinegar mixture

    Add water and white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle and allow the mixture to settle in nicely. You should keep the quantity half water and half vinegar in order to get the best result. Spray the mixture inside your house to neutralize the odors.

  • 3

    Use carpet deodorizer powder

    Sprinkle some carpet deodorizer powder on all of the carpets inside your house. After doing so, brush it lightly with a broom and let it remain in the carpets for 15-20 minutes.

  • 4

    Vacuum the carpets  

    Vacuum cleaning also helps in getting rid of the odors inside the house. However, make sure to clean the vacuum cleaning bag properly in order to get the best results.

  • 5

    Use room deodorizers

    Spray room deodorizers in all of your rooms in order to get a fresh and good smell. Look for the products with odor neutralizing components. 

  • 6

    Make a potpourri pot

    You can make a potpourri pot in order to spread fragrance inside your house. Add a teaspoon of vanilla, activated charcoal or odor sponges to a bowl of water and set on low temperature.

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