How to Finish Embossed Wallpaper With Glaze

Embossed wallpapers are widely used these days to give the walls an antique look. One of the various ways to finish embossed wallpaper is to use glaze. It can be a tricky job; however you do not need to be a professional painter or an artist to finish embossed wallpaper with glaze.


– Paint
– Paintbrush
– Clean rags
– Glazing liquid
– Antiquing liquid
– Paper towel


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    Hang the wallpaper against the wall. Prepare its surface for glazing by applying a uniform layer of paint using a large paintbrush. Let the paint layer dry completely before moving on to the next step.

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    Apply glazing liquid on the embossed areas of the wallpaper using a small paintbrush. Use just the right quantity of the runny glazing liquid. However, no matter how careful you are, you will end up with excess glazing liquid. Squeeze a clean rag to make it look like a ball of cloth with no flat edges and use it get rid of the excess glazing liquid by gently pressing it against the wallpaper.

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    Now it is time to attend to the raised surfaces of the wallpaper. Run the squeezed rag along raised surfaces of the wallpaper. This will reveal any hidden embossed surfaces. Make sure you do this with a gentle hand because you do not want to remove glaze from the flat surfaces of the wallpaper.

    To attend to the painted wall portions, apply a layer of glazing liquid and remove any excess by wiping the surface with a dry brush. Before you move on to the next step, let the glaze layer dry completely.

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    To finish off the task, use a big paintbrush to apply a layer of antiquing glaze. Just like in the earlier steps, you need to get rid of the excess antiquing liquid using the balled-up rag. After the layer of antiquing glaze is dry, wipe the surface using a dry and clean paper towel.

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