How to Create the Perfect Office Wardrobe

Having the perfect office wardrobe is very important especially if you work in a professional environment. Most office policies dictate that their employees should be properly dressed and looking professional at all times. Although most of us hate having to wear formal clothes all day long, it is unfortunately a requirement in the work-place. Having the proper wardrobe for the office is not difficult and quite easy to do if you understand the difference between formal and informal clothes. Wearing the right clothes in the office is a form of communication and it is very important that you convey the proper message on a regular basis in the work-place.


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    Pick out clothes the night before:

    A good way to ensure that you have put together the right outfit for the office is to carefully select your clothes the night before. Although this can be difficult but it will save you a bundle of time in the morning as all of your clothes are ready for you.

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    Colour Coordinate:

    Coordinating the right colours is important to create the perfect office wardrobe. If you work in a highly professional environment, then sticking to colours like black, blue and brown are usually best. Usually it is a good idea to stay away for ultra bright colours that can be distracting or draw too much attention to yourself.

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    Keep it Simple:

    Keeping your office wardrobe simple will definitely help you looking professional on a consistent basis. Do not mix different types of formal and informal clothing as this can create a confusing outfit that might send out the wrong signals at work. Keep your style simple and clean as this will give you a nice professional look.

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    Pick the right Accessories:

    Having the right accessories can make or break your perfect office wardrobe. For men, wearing the appropriate tie, cufflinks or belt can really help you look very professional in the office. For women, accessories should be kept simple and not overbearing.

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    Use Classic Styles:

    Classic styles are usually the best bet for someone who want the perfect office wardrobe. These are time testes outfits that are always suitable for the office environment. Suits and long formal skirts always look professional.

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    Pick the Right Shoes:

    For men, wearing formal shoes with laces is usually the best way of looking formal and professional at the office. For women, keeping a medium heel height is a good way of looking professional and maintaining a nice style.

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    Simple Hairstyle:

    To help your office wardrobe, it is important to maintain a nice clean hairstyle that is easy to put together in the morning and look clean in the office. Try to avoid trendy styles which are constantly changing.

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