How To Disguise Imperfect Walls

Imperfect, cracking and peeling walls, who would like to live in such house? Are you ready to spend huge amount of money to fix detaching paint due to dampness? Of course, nobody would like to be in such kind of situation.

Your damaged walls will ruin every effort you made to make your house attractive and comfortable. Fancy furniture, wall to wall carpets or other decoration items won’t do the trick. Obviously, the question will be can we disguise imperfect walls without facing a costly repair bill? The answer is yes but you will have to spend some time to find out a cheap solution.


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    First of all you will have to check that what kind of renovation your walls need and how can you hide these defective walls.

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    If you are surrounded by humid and muggy walls then all you need is to buy long curtain rods. Install them and hide these walls behind colourful curtains. Place some cushions on the floor and you have a very relaxed and welcoming place.

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    If your wall has cracks, you can fix it by filling them with white cement. This may leave stains on your wall but can hide the traces by applying acrylic paint which is a fast drying paint.

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    Sometimes cracks are too large to fill with white cement or hide with simple paint. In this case, you should go for a more creative and unique solution. Give it an antique look or paint a wall mural as these techniques will make all the cracks part of a larger picture.

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    If your wall is uneven due to detachment of plaster or cement, you can fix it by applying a textured paint. You may choose a rough finishing or clean finishing style. These paint effects will distract your guests’ attention and save you from embarrassment.

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    Wall hangings are also a good idea to disguise your imperfect walls. You do not need to buy expensive paintings or rugs rather you can get a cheap magnetic board and fix family photos on it. You may also try artistic piece of fabric or a well-shaped mirror to cover all the imperfections.

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    You can also make amends by playing with your interiors. Place an attractive vase, colourful lamp, a unique rug or an artistic piece of furniture can be a useful distraction.

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    Sometimes, your window can do the trick. See if there is anything eye-catching and interesting outside your room. Keep your window open and decoy your visitors’ attention.

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