How to Use Wall Coverings as Accents

If you are bored of the old look of your room, then you can contact a professional and add new wall coverings in your room, to give it a completely new look. However, you must also want to use the wall coverings accents in your room. If that is the case, then you do not need to spend a lot of money to call a professional and pay him plenty of money to do it for you. In fact, you can do it yourself easily.

Things Required:

– Wood trim
– Small nails
– Paint
– Paintable textured wallpaper: Graham and Brown Super Fresco, BG Squares (SKU 165-160)
– Tape measure or ruler
– Scissors
– Glue gun
– Paint roller


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    After you are done with applying the wallpaper on your kitchen walls, you can take the leftover wallpaper and use it to cover the faces of the cabinets installed in the kitchen. You can cut the wallpaper to the size of the inner front panels, and paste them the same way you did for the walls of the kitchen. Also trim the wallpaper on each side of the wallpaper, if it comes out on the edges of the front panels of the cabinets.

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    Paintable textured wallpapers are generally used to cover the side rails of the chairs and tables. You can paint the textured wallpapers in different ways, in order to give them customised look.

    You can apply the paint only to the areas which are raised from the wallpaper. Make sure you completely colour them while keeping the base of the wallpaper white.

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    The other way is to apply the colour coat to the whole wallpaper. Then use a damp rag and dab it over the wallpaper to remove the paint from the raised area of the wallpaper.

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    You can also use two different colours and apply them on the textured wallpaper, to give it a completely new look.

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    To give a classic look to the switch plates installed on the wall, you can cut the same textured wallpaper that you used on the wall, and use it to cover the switch plates. Remove the plates from the board and apply the paper on the outer side. You can fold some part of the plate on the inner side of the plate, to give it a tidy look. Now, install it back around the switch board.

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