How to Replace Kitchen Countertops

Counter tops are the center of attention in almost all kitchens. Not only do they serve the function of providing space for most kitchen appliances, they also play a great part in building a visual appeal. If you want to replace your existing counter top because it has worn out or simply working on a kitchen remodeling project  which includes adding a new style counter top, you will find this guide quite helpful. From displacing the old counter top to installing the new one, we have it all below.

Things you need:

– New counter top
– Utility knife
– Drill
– Crowbar
– Screwdrivers
– Graph paper
– Pencil
– Hammer
– Tape measure
– Wood shims
– Waterproof caulk


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    The first step of replacement includes removing the old counter top. You have to remove the sink from the old counter top first. Turn off the water supply and disconnect the water and drainage lines from the sink. Make sure the water lines are empty before you do this. Use a utility knife to remove the caulk line. Use the screw driver to unscrew the bolts securing the sink. Now use a crowbar to haul the sink up and out of the hole.

    Do the same for the cooking unit. Disconnect the power and gas supply first. Score the caulk lines. Unscrew the bolts and pry out the cook top using the crowbar.

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    Use the old counter top as reference if you want the same size. If you want a top of anther size, measure the space you have instead. With a measuring tape, determine the length and width of the top. Sketch the counter top on a graph paper with a pencil and mark the openings for the sink and cook top. It is better if you call in professional help for this step because it is the most critical one.

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    Remove old counter top:

    Now that you have removed the sink, cook top and took the measurements, it is time to pull out the old counter top. Unscrew any bolts that attach the top to the kitchen cabinets. Use the utility knife to score away the caulk lines. Use a crowbar and hammer to separate the top from the wall . Do the same between the top and the cabinets. Now that the top has loosened from all sides, ask for help to take it off from a partner. Clean up the caulk and residues from the area.

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    Installing new counter top:

    Bring in the new counter top. Before placing it over the cabinets, spread caulk adhesive on the top of cabinets. Put the top over the cabinets now. To ensure that the cabinets are completely level, you can use shims before putting down the top. Apply another layer of adhesive between the wall and the counter top.

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    Re-attach sink and cooking top:

    Now that you have installed the new counter top, re-attach the sink and cooking top like before in the designated space. Install back the water, drainage and gas connections with special consideration to any leakage.

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