How to Resolve Conflict with another Person

Conflicts are common and one of the inevitable parts of life. You may have a conflict with another person due to several reasons, personal or professional. Your perception or views may not be shared by others, but that is no cause for conflict. Tolerance and patience are two very important virtues which ensure healthy relations between people.

Nevertheless, if you have had a falling out and wish to resolve your conflict with another person, continue reading to find out how, before it is too late.


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    It is important that you don’t overlook your own mistakes. Most conflicts arise because you are not willing to comprise or concede. If this is the case, then it is time to get your act straight.

    Make sure that it is not your behaviour which is a cause of concern for others. You must hold yourself accountable first and take responsibility for your actions. More often than not, a little self-examination will ensure that you don’t make such mistakes again.

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    Showing tolerance is the best way to defuse a conflict. By valuing the beliefs and opinions of others, you are being more respectful and reducing the chances of entering an argument.

    Every person has a different view on things. It is very hard to label rights and wrongs and the best approach is to be understanding. If you pass judgement on others, you are taking the first step towards souring relations and initiating a conflict.

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    Communication seems the best way to resolve conflicts. Explaining your feelings, valuing others’ expectations, and making an apology can easily eradicate any conflicts. Asking questions will give you a better understanding of another person’s state of mind, whereby you can easily back off or take a different perspective on the whole issue. Conversely, listening is another part of effective communication. Make sure you listen to the people around you and make sure they know you respect their views.

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    Look for solutions. Ask for opinions and you might come to the conclusion that the other party is in a better position to solve the conflict. Moreover, take help from an unconcerned third party if possible. Collaboration may be one solution for those looking to achieve similar goals.

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