How to Resolve Customer Complaints

Resolving customer complaints may seem like an entry level job to many but the fact of the matter is that this is a major differentiating factor for companies and can mean the difference between repeat business and a single sale. Companies pour millions of dollars a year into customer satisfaction programs and provide training to their staff in the field.

However, there are a few basic tips and tricks that they end up missing as they delve into too many needless details when the simplest answers and techniques are staring them in the face.


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    The first step is to greet the customer positively and professionally. Setting the mood and the tone from the get go is vital as the first impression is the most crucial. Whether it is better a customer services desk or over the phone or internet, be courteous, sound concerned and be positive in all your responses.

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    Use terms such as ‘sure’, ‘I understand’, ‘not a problem’, ‘sir or ma’am’, ‘absolutely’ and other words that give off a positive vibe and make the customer seem as if they are being listened to, respected and are being taken care of.

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    Do not use terms such as ‘that cannot be done’, ‘its not possible’ or anything negative. Instead go for more positive terms such as ‘I’ll see what I can do’, ‘it’s against our policies but I can check with the management to see if we can help you out’ or ‘I’ll put in a special request for you’.

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    When listening to the complaint try to identify a few things, such as the main problem, which department it deals with directly, who you should contact in order to resolve the issue and finally, what solution the customer expecting.

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    The first step is to sum up the problem and repeat it to the customer so that there is an understanding. This is perhaps the most important point.

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    Next call up or get in touch with the person responsible for the department or the issue. Get his or her input on the matter. If however, the matter is something that can be resolved by you and falls under the company’s guidelines then go ahead and resolve it.

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    Also, ask the customer to let you know if he is satisified with the solution that was offered.

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