How to Plan an IPO

Company is seeking capital to finance several projects that are pending due to the lack of cash. You have not listed the firm at the Stock Exchange and you have no other option to raise the capital but to sell the stocks to the general which will liquidate the ownership of the firm from few hands to the mass population. You will have to make a tough call whether to restrict the ownership in few hands or to dilute the ownership. However, if you are thirsty to raise finance and consider a particular project to be a very good investment which will yield positive returns then you should sell stocks to the general public to raise finance. For that purpose, you will have to do an Initial Public Offering. It is a process of listing the shares for the first time in Stock Exchange.


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    Prepare yourself early to benefit from the Initial Public Offering. You will have to be ready for the changes that will be required to make the firm public and the consequences of that decision should be dealt bravely. You must began the process at least a year before going public because it is an intense and heft decision which requires the owner to go through a lot of hassle.

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    You will have to allocate some resources for the analysis of Initial Public Offering. Therefore, the business will face scarcity of resources. You can either lower the overall production or increase the overall cost by hiring more people.

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    Assess the amount of Initial Public Offering with utmost care because it is a major decision and you will not be able to infuse more or suck some shares in or out of market respectively after an Initial Public Offering.

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    You will be entering a new industry dimensions and bigger firms will now be fighting you at the Stock Exchange as well alongside the market so they will play games that will be tackled brilliantly to make the survival sure.

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    Investors should be shown the true picture and nothing should be kept from them so that there is no negative word of mouth towards the end of first year when the time for dividends comes.

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    Accounting will be more technical after going public. Hence, get ready for some tough tasks that will require much more determination.

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