How to Retain Great Employees

Retaining great employees is vital for every organisation. Employees who have spent years and know the ins and outs of operations should be well served and taken care of. Unfortunately, not every management is able to retain its best employees. In fact, in most scenarios, employees are giving their best while they receive peanuts in return. Remember, management plays an important role in determining the output of an employee.


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    Never make work monotonous for the employees, especially for the top ones. Their projects should always be challenging and able to bring out the best in them. Stats show that most employees leave their companies to seek better and more challenging opportunities. If the work gets monotonous, you will see a decline in the performance of your employees.

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    Allow them enough privacy to take their personal lives together with work. Most organisations restrict the usage of cell phones during working hours. This can become a reason of frustration for most employees, especially the best ones, as they would believe their management should trust them more.

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    Keep less barriers between the management and employees. When employees want to talk important stuff with the management, they should always be welcomed instead of being pressed. Remember, the role of management is to bring the best out of the employees and not to make them frustrated.

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    All employees should be treated according to the rules and regulations of the organisation. No favours should be given against the laws to the superiors. This can only be a trigger of fury to employees at lower positions.

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    Incentives should be offered to employees to bring the best out of them. For instance, ‘employee of the month’ incentives are common in organisation, which helps your best employees in performing even better.

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    Make performance evaluation transparent and free of any politics and favouritism. Remember, employees feel demotivated when they give their best yet they are not evaluated on the basis of it.

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    Keep clear guidelines of projects. Never make it difficult for your best employees to get the grasp of a project.

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