How to Reverse a Clip on Adobe Premiere

Part of Adobe’s Creative Suite, Adobe Premiere is a powerful video editing and production software, which offers a wide array of tools with which video clips can be edited and manipulated. The software supports the most common video formats, and these include MOV, MPEG, FLV, AVI and WMV.

In addition to allowing you to speed up or slow down the video clip, for a fast or slow-motion effect, Adobe Premier also offers users the ‘Reverse’ option, with which a video clip can be played backwards – this can be put to multiple uses, such as in scenes which involve the re-tracing of steps, or depict flashbacks.

Things Required:

– A laptop or PC with Adobe Premiere installed
– A digital video clip


  • 1

    Start by clicking on the Adobe Premiere icon on the desktop, or in the start menu, to launch the software. Once it opens up, go to the ‘File’ menu at the top of the page – click on this for the drop-down menu, and from this, choose the ‘Import’ option.

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    This will open up a file browser which you can use to locate the video file you wish to reverse. Go to the location of the file, and once you find it, click on it, and select ‘Open’. The video clip will now become available for selection in the software.

  • 3

    Go to the ‘Project’ section in Adobe Premiere, and select the name of the clip you just opened up. A menu will pop up – in this, click on the ‘Speed/Duration’ option. Now, a dialogue box will open up. Go through the options, and check the box next to the ‘Reverse Speed’ option.

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    Once this is done, click on the clip which will be in the project section – keep holding the mouse button down, and drag the clip onto the timeline. You can now click on the ‘Play’ option, and watch as your clip is played backwards.

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    If you like the effect, you may go to the file menu, and either save the edited clip over the original clip, or use the ‘Save As’ option to save it separately, and leave the original clip unedited.

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