How to Revise for an Essay Exam

An essay exam is considered one of the toughest types of exams, because the examiner can give any statement or scenario to the students to express their views on. However, only those students can pass the exam with good marks who have sharp analytical abilities and command on the grammar and composition of a language. Moreover, the students must also have good knowledge about current affairs and history, to express and support their ideas in a profound manner in the essay.

If you are about to appear in an essay exam, it is extremely important to go through a thorough learning process. In addition, revision is equally important to pass the exam with a good grade.

Things Required:

– Pen
– Pencil
– Computer
– Internet connection


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    Know everything about the exam

    First of all, you should have sound knowledge about what kind of exam you are going to give. If it is an open essay exam, you may be provided with a random topic. On the other hand, some essay exams are related to particular topics e.g. history of American language, political role of democrats and republicans in the history of the United States of America, present day warfare, role of American government, and comparison between parliamentary democracy and presidential democracy, etc. It is quite difficult to prepare for the open essay exam as you have to write on a topic about which you were not informed before. However, the marking is quite lenient in the open essay exam. In contrast, although it is easy to prepare for a focused essay exam (as you already know the topic), the marking is quite tough and you have to provide the facts, ideas and viewpoints more precisely.

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    Prepare revision material

    Most of the students don’t pay attention to the preparation of revision material due to which they often face difficulties in exams. However, revision material really helps in facilitating good preparation as you cannot go through everything a night before the exam. Therefore, just take a pen and pencil or sit on the computer to make the necessary revision material. Write everything in bullet points with little explanations so that you can easily revise everything well.

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    Make outlines of important topics

    Creating outlines of important topics can be a great help. A good outline contains an opening paragraph in which you write the introduction and the closing paragraph in which you write the conclusion. Between the opening and closing passages, you express your views critically regarding the topic. So, prepare your outlines in this manner, and keep revising them.

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