How to Safely Sell On Craigslist

According to figures released by Craigslist, more than 50 million classified ads are published on their website every year. The website provides an excellent platform to buyers to purchase cheap products and sellers to earn money selling used and new items. Unfortunately, Craigslist has not published any guidelines and instructions about how to tackle fraud and spam. While you can purchases anything from cars to furniture or kids clothing, there have been incidences when fraud and violent crimes between sellers and buyers have been reported. Therefore, it is recommended to follow some safety instructions to make sure you are safe financially.


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    Consider writing a detail description of the item you want to see. If the item you are selling is a used item, it is important to mention that in your description. The more information about the product you will write, the better chances of selling it quickly. This practice will also let you avoid numerous questions, phone calls and emails from potential buyers so you could turn your attention to other tasks.

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    Never forget to add the photos of the item you plan to sell. Choose an informative and engaging title so everybody reads your classified ad. If you are selling a car or any other electronic device, consider uploading 4 to 5 pictures. This will help also the potential buyers decide if they are satisfied with the item.

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    It is recommended not to give out personal information. Craigslist does not allow the sellers to use their personal email address when selling items. Instead, it hides your email address so the buyer cannot see it. Furthermore, avoid adding personal phone numbers or house addresses or any other information that goes on to reveal your identity.

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    Always keep communication brief and concise. A real buyer will only ask questions related to the product. Delete all emails that look like spam or fraud. Some thieves and cyber criminals will send your blanked emails asking if your item is still available for sell. If you receive any such email, consider deleting it as soon as possible. Do not talk to a buyer about your personal life. Be as brief and profession as possible.

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    For those who want the risk to be further minimised, they should consider dealing with only local buyers. This will ensure over the counter transaction for buyers.

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