How to Scuba Dive in the Caribbean

Dip in the vast expanses of the Caribbean is the dream of many divers. It is being said that you can take up the beauty of the world and become an inaccessible overland observer after exploring the rich deep sea.

Diving requires the development of the natural reflexes under water, buying correct equipment and the necessary knowledge to prevent wrong reactions in adverse conditions. If you do possess these skills, consider doing something else.

Diving, however, is not as safe as travelling on the surface of the Earth. However, you may need necessary equipment before diving into the sea.


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    Pick up a mask for scuba diving. It provides a layer of air between the eyes of the diver and the water column, allowing you to observe the surrounding underwater world clearly and without distortion. Some models are equipped with masks, a device for automatic pressure equalization at a considerable depth.

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    Get a breathing tube. If you dive into the water without scuba gear, it will allow effortless breathing, and divers use these tubes not to spend needlessly breathing gas from the cylinder when on the water surface.

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    The main attribute of professional divers are flippers. The attributes are classified into different diver category - the quality of the fins and their purpose. Therefore, in choosing flippers should be approached very carefully. Choose fins that effectively move under water, and help you legs put little effort to make powerful strokes in the sea. Fluid is much denser than air, so the device in the form of fins significantly increases the speed of the repulsion of water layers.

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    For added comfort, select a diving wetsuit. It protects the body from cooling. Design and type of wet suit may be different. The main requirement for wetsuits is to make you comfortable in the sea. Make sure that it is not restricting your movement before buying.

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    If you intend to dive seriously, you should purchase a bottle of compressed air, pressure regulator and a compensator. Compensator is used to mount all the equipment and allows carrying the cylinder effortlessly.

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    As additional equipment, use multifunctional knife and flashlight. These items are lightweight but they make diving more comfortable especially in adverse conditions, such as a survey of caves and wrecks.

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