How to Seal Windshield Crack

For many having their cars in perfect shape is a serious priority. It is not a bad thing as one invests in the car so that it can be comfortable during travelling, be it local or a long route. We sometimes have small issues with our vehicles that can be fixed with ease and we can very much do them ourselves.

One of these issues is a slight crack in the windshield. It is often easy to fix and you do not have to pay car shops for a new one. Here is how you do it at home.


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    Get a Windshield Repair Kit

    These repair kits are easily available in car supply stores as well as in home improvement stores in the auto section. The kit comes with a small instruction paper on how to use it. The instructions are easy to follow and one can adhere to them without much difficulty. You can look for one online as well as it may cost you less if a deal is on offer.

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    Buff the Crack

    Buff the crack before you apply the sealant. This will remove any debris and dust from the crack as it will make it clear. It will also be useful in fixing the crack as the dust otherwise will not allow the sealant to take its full effect. Once this is done, you are ready to apply the sealant. It will also remove any small chips of glass which may be present in the windshield crack.

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    Put the Sealant On

    Make sure that it is a sunny day as it will help in quickly drying the glue. Give the shield a nice wipe with a cotton cloth to get rid of any dust on the shield before you start. Put on the glue as per the instructions given on the leaflet along with the kit.  Insert the glue with the syringe. You will have to pull it a few times to get the air out of the crack and make a vacuum. This will make sure that the job is done properly.

    Make sure you let the sealant dry well before you move your vehicle. This should do the job for you quite well. The crack should be a thing of the past once it dries.

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