How to Select a Garden Gnome House

Garden gnomes offer charm and fantasy to the outer area and a gnome house is a good addition to any of your collection. Analyse your selection from every perspective to search the perfect garden gnome house to suits your personal requirements, and also remember that your gnomes need space in the house as well. They also serve a purpose of safety from evil magic normally of lawns or gardens. The gnomes came into existence in 19th century in Germany. There are a lot of ways to select a garden gnome house with good effect, and make your garden an even prettier place.


  • 1

    Check the quality of the gnome house

    Watch out the construction of a number of houses. Ponder whether it is strong enough to stay like this during various climates and check its durability. Majority of the garden gnome houses are particularly made to withstand open weather and are constructed according to those conditions. However, there are different qualities attached to all houses so some are less durable than others. Select man made houses if you want to place them in very difficult weather situations. Be aware of the fact that you will need to spend big to get a great house.

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    Choose good combination of color and style

    Select a decent contrast to suit the style and color with your gnomes. If you own several or a set of garden gnomes, search for a house that will look good with your garden decorations. You can build uniformity in the garden by relying on a German themed, light colored or a bit hidden house. It will make your garden more beautiful and will align all the decorations. Remember not to experiment too much with the garden so it does not look odd or too flashy.

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    Get a gnome house

    Purchase a house according to the space in your garden and foliage. There are a lot of styles that you can buy from the market including an alpine chalet or a tropical beach house. Do not buy a snow covered house if you reside in New Mexico as it will look odd in your garden. Similarly, it would be foolish to get a hula hut if you live in Alaska. As a result of this, choose wisely and look for other accents to compliment your house. Bridges, toadstools and doors set into trees are the most common gnome accents these days.

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