How to Select a Salad Spinner

The basic function of a salad spinner is to dry water out of the greens, which you just have washed and re-washed to take out the dirt attached to the leaves. Yet the market is flooded with all types of salad spinners, each claiming to be the best.

Some of women folks even do not use a salad spinner, even if they have it shelved along with other kitchen appliances. They still stick to the traditional method of using a bowl, towel or pillow cover to get the water dried out from their greens. Some might still beĀ using the bowl method or rinsing water again and again by switching the bowls in which they have kept the greens after washing. But there are two disadvantages if some water is still left on the green leaves, in case you have dried out water with the traditional methods: the salad stays heavy and unlikable to eat, and if you are using dressing, it does not stick to the leaves.

So it is better to use salad spinner, and it is not that difficult to buy one. It is the only matter of choice that is the difficult part, because the market is flooded with all types and varieties. If you follow some basic steps, you can get this job done easily.


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    Assess Your Need to Select Size

    It is better to have an assessment how often you use salad spinner and how much greens you take in salad everyday. It can be that your family is big or often expects guest. So this will help you determine size of the spinner you need. You will be probably buy the bigger one.

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    Ease of Assembling

    Another aspect that you can weigh in your choice of buying one salad spinner out of a large variety in the market is how easy is to assemble and de-assemble the spinner. If you can assemble it with a delicate ease, then you better go for it. This can save your time in the kitchen.

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    Easy to Use

    Although function of all salad spinner is the same, they perform this function in different sort of manners. For example, some have manual handle, some have top lid and other are different in functionality altogether. So pick the one you find easy to use.

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    Attractive Colour

    It is possible that a certain colour attracts you more than others. So the choice of colour will also matter for you to select a salad spinner for your kitchen.

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