How to Sell Items on Yahoo Auctions

Yahoo Auctions provides an excellent source of income for people looking to make some quick money. The basic difference between Yahoo Auctions and other sites such eBay is that the former is absolutely free. While you can sell most of the products, it is important that you maintain transparency and follow guidelines which create a healthy working environment between you and your potential buyers.


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    Get yourself registered. You cannot do that until you have a Yahoo account. You will be following up on certain instructions and providing the necessary details. For a Yahoo auctions account, a confirmation email will be sent to you on your Yahoo email account. A link will be provided to you which will be proof of your registration.

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    In order to be trusted or recognized as an authentic seller, it is advised that you sign up for Yahoo Wallet, which is an online payment option, very similar to PayPal. The buyers will feel secure if you have a payment source within Yahoo, which is in turn verification of your credit card. This will increase your credibility in front of your potential customers.

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    As it is a free auction site, Yahoo does not provide information on old listings. Therefore it is the duty of the buyer and seller to keep records of all documents relating to a particular transaction. Moreover, the basic guidelines will not be mentioned on the main home page, as provided by other auction websites, and so you may be required to tap into the Help link for added information. The guidelines will be provided just below Terms of Service.

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    Now login to your Yahoo Auctions account and manage all your content the way you want to. You can log on directly or by accessing the Yahoo home page first. You may add certain features, upload photos, edit your profile and list your items. Make sure to keep it buyer-friendly.

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    Now look for the link which reads ‘Sell Stuff’. You will be redirected to the auction page that says Submit Item. You will be asked to choose the appropriate category for your items such as clothes. Fill out the auction submission page by entering the relevant details concerning the item you want to sell. This will include price, shipping information, etc. You can further customize the page by including specific details which give room for bargaining.

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    Check for any irregularities and correct them quickly. You can do this by previewing the page where you can gauge the attractiveness of the item from a buyer’s prospective.  If satisfied, click on the submit button and you are good to go.

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