Atlanta’s Persuasion Agent Wants to Be Your ‘Agent of Change’

Think about it, nothing gets done without a little (or much) persuasion. If you are a company in healthcare, financial services, technology, and any other area, your organization might want to see what Persuasion Agent has to offer.

Persuasion Agent is a collaboration of three partners who total more than 50 years of marketing experience in changing perceptions, along with driving action for B2B clients.

“We have a proven track record creating integrated marketing programs for B2B clients in complex or technical market segments,” said Bill Bender, Partner/President of Persuasion Agent. “We help clients create persuasive messages to generate action, leads and sales from audiences across all traditional, digital and social media.”

Along with Bender, Persuasion Agent’s partners include P.S. Park, Partner/Design, and Scott Rigdon, Partner/Content. These partners have worked with clients of all sizes – from Fortune 500 clients to small clients with limited budgets trying to compete with much larger competitors.

Are you a small or medium-sized company?

Bender explains that the team’s small size and low overhead give Persuasion Agent the ability to offer affordable marketing and communications solutions that make a real, bottom-line difference in their clients’ business.

As for what marketing trends Bender foresees in 2014 and beyond, the trend is “mobile.”

“Mobile is poised for huge growth. This is the first year that adults spent more time on smartphones and mobile devices than on laptops and PCs. We’re advising our clients to consider including mobile as part of their integrated marketing programs.”

The partners at Persuasion Agent want to be “agents of change.” Let them make positive changes to your small- or medium-sized business.

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Rick Limpert is an Atlanta-based writer that covers events, sports, and technology. You can follow Rick on Twitter at @RickRoswell.

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