How to Sell Your Crafts to Boutiques

Making your own crafts can be a very enjoyable hobby. Most people do not realise that they can also make a decent living by selling their crafts to various boutiques. If you feel that your crafts are something that others will want to buy and are of the highest quality then it might be good idea to try to get them placed in boutiques. Selling your crafts to boutiques can be challenging but with a little hard work and some patience you can follow some practical methods and get the job done.


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    Understand your capabilities:

    It is very important to understand your capabilities especially if you are the only one who is making these crafts. Making different items can be time consuming so be sure that you have the capability of handling large orders for your items.

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    Organise crafts:

    Make a comprehensive list of all the different types of crafts that you make. Put each craft in different categories to help you stay organized. It is a good idea to also make a note of how long each craft takes you to make. This will definitely assist you in developing a catalogue of all your items.

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    Develop catalogue:

    Take good high quality pictures of your different crafts along with a detailed description and design a simple catalogue. Also, it is a good idea to put your prices down as well in this catalogue. Since you will be doing business to business dealing, make sure your prices indicate quantity purchases.

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    Visit boutiques:

    Visit various boutiques in your area and meet with the different owners or managers. Give them your catalogue and let them know that you make these different crafts. Try to give out as many catalogues as possible to increase your chances of getting an order. Also, try to find boutiques that cater to your type of customers that might be interested in purchasing your crafts.

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    Get online and search for different boutiques that buy crafts to stock in their stores. Most will have detailed websites that you can use to find out what different methods they might use for buying. Be sure to go over the websites carefully and send out emails to individuals in charge of purchasing.

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    Craft fairs:

    Many cities have large craft fairs regularly. You should find out where they are going to happen and try to book a stall for yourself. Here you can display your crafts as many buyers often visit these fairs to develop contacts for merchandise.

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