How to Set Up an Online Library

One of the biggest benefits of the modern technology is that not everything has to be physically located. With the development in technology, much of the work has gone online. It does not matter if you are running a business, want to obtain information regarding something or you want to express your thoughts, you do not have to physically do that. The recent developments in the technology has removed the distances and people are able to access things that are available far away from their location and that too with the help of just few clicks.

Now, setting up a library does not require much effort and one can easily do that on the internet. With their busy routine, nowadays people find it hard to go and visit the library as they want to save time by doing this online. An online library requires much less effort and provides the individual with a convenience of searching the desired book in the database. This not only saves time, but money and resources as well.


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    Open your search engine and look for the online bookmarking sites. You will find plenty of these and check for reviews to shortlist them according to your needs. Most of the bookmarking sites charge a certain amount of money as the fee while a couple of them provide these services free of cost.

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    After choosing your desired site, register yourself to obtain a username and password.

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    You should save the sources which you believe are important. Remember that a source can be anything like blog, newspapers, magazines or a website.

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    You should bookmark all such sources by following the directions on the site.

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    Remember that just saving bookmarks is not going to help and you will have to enter a couple of keywords or tags. Choose your tags wisely as these play a major role in organising your library.

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    Doing this just a single time will not help, you will have to keep adding sources and this requires a little effort.

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    You should also find other peoples who have saved the bookmarks and ask them if they are willing to share their bookmarks. Obviously, it will have to be a two way sharing and only then you could convince them.

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    Note that you should try to create a network of supportive people.

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