How to Set Up an Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen

Watching movies as a group is generally restricted to visits to the theatre, or movie nights in front of the television in the living room. However, a great way to enjoy a joint movie experience is on an outdoor inflatable movie screen. These can easily be set up in your average lawn, although they can only be used in fair, warm weather, in a spacious and un-crowded backyard. These can also be a great option for a fun movie night at school, in order to cater to a large audience.

Things Required:

– Inflatable “blow-up” screen
– Outdoor electrical outlets
– Chords
– Stakes
– Hammer
– Sturdy table
– Laptop
– Projector
– Proper cables
– Speakers


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    To begin, you will need to purchase the most essential piece of equipment – an inflatable blow-up screen. These can easily be purchased online, or from department stores at surprising discounts. If your outdoor movie night is a one-time idea, you can simply rent one. However, if you plan to hold regular screenings, you might want to go ahead and invest in your own inflatable screen – a 12x12 foot screen will generally cost around $200.

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    Once you have the screen, you can begin setting up. Select a 20-foot wide area in your lawn, and clear it of twigs, rocks, and any other sharp objects that might puncture and damage the inflatable screen. Then, take the screen out of its bag, and spread it out on this cleared space, face down. To keep it completely safe from any risk of puncturing, spread out an old sheet on the ground before you lay out the movie screen. The outside frame should also not have any twists in it, so keep an eye out for these too.

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    Now, to prepare the screen, attach it to the back of the inflatable frame – this will generally clip on around all the edges of the screen. Then, plug the screen into an electrical outlet to activate the blowers, and watch as the entire thing inflates in a matter of seconds.

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    Next, secure the screen using chords (which can be tied or clipped into loops on the sides of the screen) and tie these to stakes that you can hammer into the ground. You can also tie the chords to trees or fences – anything as long as the screen is secured, and does not topple over due to imbalance or wind, etc.

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    Finally, set up your laptop, projector, and speakers, using the proper cables. Once everything is set, hit play, and enjoy the outdoor movie experience on your inflatable movie screen.

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