How to Set Up Crab Pots

Have you ever wondered how people catch crabs? The answer to this question is very simple; by setting up crab pots. Even though you can catch crabs from both land and water, you will need to follow the right technique for setting the crab pots. There are a number of factors you will need to take into account while setting up a crab pot. For instance, the type of bait you use and the strength of the cord you use to tie the bait in the pots.

Things Required:

– Crab pots
– Crab bait (Chicken necks)
– Strong cord or wire
– Boat


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    The first thing you will need to set up crab pots is crab bait. Make sure that the bait you use is liked by the crabs so that they are attracted to it. One of the best option is to use chicken necks. The fact that chicken necks are inexpensive makes them the ideal bait. However, you can choose any crab bait of your choice.

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    The chicken necks or whichever bait you choose should be tied in the middle of the crab pot. Be sure to tie the bait using a strong cord or wire. This will prevent the crabs from fleeing with the bait altogether.

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    When you have tied the bait in the crab pot, carefully lower the pot into the water. Keep the pot attached to the pier with the help of another wire. This will prevent the pot from floating away in the water.

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    Get into a boat and sail to deeper water for setting the crab pots. To prevent the pot from floating away, secure it to a float or a buoy. The float or buoy will also serve as a warning signal for other boats so that they can effectively avoid getting tangled in the line.

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    Be sure to keep the distance between a trot line and the crab pot you are setting at least one hundred feet. Moreover, you would want to ensure that the pot sits on the bottom so that it can fall open when a crab tries to make off with bait inside the pot.

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    As is common practice for lobster fishermen, it would be wise to set up the crab pots early in the morning. This is because crabs are most active for food during this part of the day and thus your chances of catching more crabs will increase dramatically.

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