How to Backpack With a Hammock

Using hammocks instead of tents is a great option for backpacking. You do not need to carry the weight of tents with this option. In addition, it is inexpensive and easy to carry. Most campers who use hammocks for sleeping rather than tents believe that it does not change the way you are sleeping but it changes how you are camping.  By learning some guidelines and tips, you can improve the way you are camping and backpacking with hammocks instead of tents. There are several types of hammocks available. You need to pick the right one in order to relax and rest.


  • 1

    Seeking the hammock

    You need to get a strong two person hammock which you can easily tie to poles or trees. Find one which is well-built and inexpensive at the same time. You can always find hammocks which you desire at Amazonas. Remember to learn how to fold, maintain and stuff the hammock before taking it on your backpacking trip.

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    Bring extra gear

    You need to carry extra equipment for your hammock. You can get spare rope, parachute cord or carabiners taking into consideration your setup. In case you are using rope, bring six to nine feet long ropes. You can bring two ropes or extra piece for backup purposes. For carabiners, you need to bring four. Two will be used while the other two are for backup purposes. In case you are thinking of using parachute cords, you need to bring the same length as your rope is.

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    Packing of hammock

    Place your hammock in the portion of your bag from where it can stay safe. You need to guard the hammock against sharp objects as even a lightest tear will make it useless. Besides this, you need to place the ropes coiled and untangled.

  • 4

    Seek trees to install hammock

    Look for two trees which are almost 15 feet apart. Then fix the hammock with creation of loops with your rope. Later use the carabiner in order to join the end loops to the loops of hammock. In the end wrap the ropes around the tree in a way that hammock is flat.

  • 5

    Hammock roof

    You need to build a roof over your hammock by fixing hammock roof. You can also use another rope and tie it over the hammock. Attach a small tarp with help of clothes line clips.