How to Set Up Your Own Shipping Department for EBay Business

Setting up an EBay business is easier said than done as it requires hard work, long working hours and attention to details. To become successful in your chosen field, you must outperform your competitors to give yourself an edge. You will have to provide excellent customer services to retain your customers. Furthermore, you will need to make sure the item you are delivering is satisfactory. For those who already have a physical store, they can improve their sales by setting up an online store on EBay.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Inventory
– Packing and shipping department
– Printer Fax Machine
– Office Stationery
– Land-line number


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    Before doing anything else, you must decide if you can survive in a highly challenging and tough working environment on EBay. Sometimes, you can come across very unforgiving customers and they could leave negative feedback if you do not make them happy. Therefore, it is advised to start an EBay business only if you can pay attention to details. Remember it will take a lot of hard work and some patience before it actually starts to pay off for you.

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    It is recommended to make at least 10 purchases on EBay before applying for a seller account. Making purchases in initial stages will help you build credibility and it will become easier to attract potential customers when you start your seller’s store. Do not forget to use catchy headlines and title to pull in customers.  Consider writing a brief description of the item when posting your advertisement. Try to be creative and do something differently to attract people.

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    You can save a little amount of money on shipping. It is advised to use light weight and inexpensive packing materials. Moreover, you can reuse your packaging material and old boxes to reduce you shipping rates. Low shipping costs are likely to attract more customers therefore you must make sure the weight of the item is low. Also, look for special deals with different big name shippers that might be offered to their business clients.

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    Use professional photographs of the item to be sold. If possible, buy a good quality camera to take photographs. Always upload more than five pictures so it is easier for the buyer to reach a decision. Taking multiple pictures from different angles will surely improve your sales and profit levels.

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    Communicate professionally and never give out personal information. Provide excellent customer services and resolve any issues as soon as possible. For higher feedback score, treat your customers in a fair way. Always remember that the customer comes first.

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