How to Sleep While Pregnant

The way you sleep while carrying your child can have a huge impact on the quality of your rest, your body’s health and most importantly, your baby’s health as well. As you will most likely get tired more easily, and want to sleep more while pregnant, this article is both useful and practical.


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    Before Sleeping

    Prior to sleeping, you can help yourself get ready for a better sleep. Ensure your room is dark and your bed comfortable. A good night's sleep even while not pregnant requires both.

    Taking a warm bath or shower prior to sleeping can help soothe your body and relax you. Many women find that they sleep better after them.

    Another suggestion is to drink a warm glass of milk. It is important that mothers drink milk, and warming it aids the sleeping process.

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    Sleep Position

    When sleeping, make sure that you have ample room to move around and no sharp objects (other people's joints included) near your baby. The best way for a pregnant woman to sleep is on her left side. This allows for optimal blood flow to both mother and child, promoting a healthy placenta.

    Sleeping on your stomach is obviously not a good idea as it places weight on your child. Sleeping on your back is also detrimental. Sleeping on one's back puts added weight on your organs, spine and surrounding areas. This can lead to swelling in your lower extremities, numbness, fatigue and sleep apnea due to added weight.

    Note: We know that it isn't always easy to sleep in only one position for months. It is therefore encouraged that you start early and get used to it. It is also suggested that you rotate from sleeping on your left and right side, favouring your left.

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    Sleep Products

    There are a variety of products that can make your sleeping experience while pregnant much easier and healthier. One highly recommended item is a sleep pillow. These pillows are large curved noodle shaped pillows that allow support for your head and legs while you sleep on your left side. Many women swear by these and we encourage you to try them.

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