How to Slice a Tomato

The tomato is a delicious red fruit that comes from the tomato plant native to South America. These culinary powerhouses are high in vitamins and other items that are beneficial to your health. One of the beautiful things about tomatoes is how versatile they are, whether eaten raw or cooked. Regardless of how you will be using your sliced tomatoes, it is important to understand how to slice them properly and effectively.

The following guide details how to easily and effectively slice a tomato without creating a wet and soggy mess.


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    First Things First

    The most important part of slicing a tomato happens before you even touch a knife. You must first select ripe and fresh tomatoes. A good looking tomato will be much easier to cut and slice than one that has seen better days.

    It is also critical that you use a sharp knife (serrated or not) when cutting you tomatoes. If you do not have sharp knives, get some or sharpen your kitchen tools.

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    Core Out

    Before creating perfect slices, you must remove the tomato’s core. To do this, insert the sharp end of your knife into the top of the tomato as close to the stem as possible and press gently into the fruit approximately 1 inch.

    Angle the fruit slightly and use the knife to create a circle around the core. Once you have made a full circle around the core, use your knife to pop the core out.

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    Half Time

    For optimal slicing, your tomato should be cut into equal halves. Large round tomatoes should be cut around its circumference (the middle) while smaller, oval-shaped tomatoes can be cut in half from top to bottom.

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    Depending on your personal preference or the recipe you require the tomatoes for, you may want to remove the seeds of the tomato. To do this, use your finger, knife or a small spoon and fish out the seeds from the fruit of the tomato.

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    Face Down

    You are now ready to slice your tomato. To do so, begin by placing them face down (sliced side) on your clean cutting board. Hold them firmly in place without pressing down on the tomato.

    Angle your knife downward so that only the tip of the knife is touching the board and place the knife 1 inch in front of the tomato.

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    Retain your angle and bring the knife swiftly and smoothly towards you. Shift the knife back to the top position and adjust for the size of the next slice. Repeat the slicing motion until both halves are completely cut.

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    Good to Go

    Your tomato is now perfectly sliced and ready to use. Enjoy!

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