How to Make Healthy Choices at the Pizzeria

Pizza has conquered the world with its taste, variety and convenience. It saves you from cooking a meal in a delicious way with home delivery and is also one of the best eat out options. With its growing fame and inclusion into our diet, pizza has also received criticism for being unhealthy because of the cholesterol and fat level. This is quite disheartening for pizza lovers who love it for the rich toppings and the filling crust. To counter the argument made by critics, several suggestions that help make a healthy choice when you visit a pizzeria. A pizzeria also offers other food options like salads, sandwiches and drinks apart from the pizza.  This way you get to have your favourite food without any toll on your health.


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    Look over the menu and go for food choices that look healthier. One of these are the salads. Do not opt for anything that is fried, even if it is vegetable based because the oil has a great content of fat and cholesterol. Go for food that is baked, grilled or boiled. There are many baked sandwich options. If you are getting a salad, stick to fresh fruit and vegetable ones. Try to avoid those with meat inclusion. Chicken salad is better than beef or pork ones.

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    If you want to get a pizza, look at pizza flavours that have vegetables in them. Many pizzerias also have a weight watchers sections with lower calorie pizza options. You can ask the pizzeria to load up your pizza with vegetables and fruits. This way you can enjoy it without compromising on the taste and your health. Pineapples are a favourite pizza topping and can replace your sausage or ham slices. Avoid beefy and meaty pizza options.

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    It is important to make the right order choices when you are selecting a pizza. Whichever you chose, go for a thin crust one. Thick and stuffed crust options are heavier and are a burden on your calorie chart. It is healthier to select whole wheat bread over white bread if the pizzeria offers the option. Do not load up on the cheese and cut on the extra cheese requests. Same goes for the side orders and the extra sauces. It is good to limit your portion size so that you enjoy your favourite meal without worries.

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