Saffron – Perfect Place for a Birthday Bash

My friend Maria and I were planning for her birthday this past May and we really wanted to spice things up. We thought back to past years and decided that this year we had to do something different. We had done tapas restaurants, Mexican, and Japanese restaurants which were great but we wanted to try something new this year. One day driving down a little out of the way side-street in the Upper Kirby district of Houston we found the perfect place; Saffron, a Moroccan restaurant located at 2002 Lexington St., Houston, Tx. 77098. Moroccan would definitely spice things up and be quite different from the more traditional places we’d been to in the past.

Birthdays are special times. What better way to spend that special time than with great friends, food, and wine? Saffron’s aromatic and spicy (as in spices like cumin, saffron, and cinnamon not hot) cuisine and cozy, lamp lit, ambiance creates a lasting impression. Walk into Saffron and you think you’ve stepped into Rick’s CafÃ?© from Casablanca only on a smaller, more intimate scale. The tables are inlaid with tile, the walls are painted gold, decorated with antique rifles, scimitars, ornate mirrors, and carved, wooden window frames. Lanterns of colored, cut glass hang from the ceiling, and in the corners. You sit comfortably on cushioned seats while being served the most exquisite entrees. There is also a courtyard if you prefer to sit outside. It’s the perfect place to throw a birthday bash for anywhere between 20-30 people. For parties of 10 or fewer you could even request a small alcove giving you more privacy and that feeling of being served like a sultan.

The menu consists of traditional Moroccan dishes such as couscous, tagine entrees consisting of beef, chicken, or lamb, and bread brought out at the start that can be soaked up in olive oil. As tempting and delicious as the bread is, though, don’t eat so much of it that you don’t leave room for the main dishes. The food is brought out in traditional clay braziers keeping the food hot throughout the meal. If the menu gives you a bit of trouble, have no fear. Ask your server to recommend something delicious. Try a fine Moroccan wine as well to go along with that braised lamb shank smothered in cinnamon, garlic, and cumin sauce. Saffron even has a full bar to sit at if you find yourself needing to wait for a table. It is highly recommended that you make reservations, though, especially if you have a large group.

Another reason why Saffron is a great place to have a birthday party is the belly dancing shows on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. By the end of the night, Maria, and all our friends had had plenty to eat, drink, and the birthday girl was even persuaded (along with some of the more adventurous of us in the group) to get up and try out a few belly dancing moves. A fabulous time was had by everyone and it would definitely be a place to come back to for future celebrations or any occasion. Therefore, if you really want a different experience for that birthday then try out Saffron located at 2002 Lexington St. Houston, Tx. 77098.

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