Valentine’s Day Cake Decorating Ideas

Valentine’s Day is incomplete without flowers, chocolates and cakes – and a cake is incomplete without proper decoration. Therefore, if you really are going out of your way and baking a cake at home, you should dress up your ordinary Valentine’s Day cake to make it more colorful and attractive to suit the occasion. A properly decorated Valentine’s Day cake is one of the best ways to say “I Love You” to your loved ones.

There are multiple ways to decorate your Valentine’s Day cakes but the best way is to decorate your cake according to the taste and desires of your family or guests. Read on for some great ideas for decorating your Valentine’s Day cake at home.


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    Decorate with Hearts

    Decorating your simple cake with hearts in different sizes and colors is a perfect idea for Valentine's Day. Take two hearts of the same size and press them together at the tips to make an eye-catching cake for couples. In addition to that, you can stack hearts on top of hearts, with each layer to some extent smaller than the one beneath it. You can also sprinkle heart candies all over the top of you cake to make it attractive.

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    Decorate with Chocolates

    Slash out the center of your appetizing chocolate cake and fill it with candies from a box of pure chocolates. Use a tube of icing to decorate the edges of the cake and write a beautiful love message on it to make it more attractive. You can place slices of strawberries around the cake as red and brown make a striking combination. You can also sprinkle chocolate chips all over your simple cake.

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    Decorate with Flowers

    Make some icing roses yourself or simply purchase a set from your local bakery to decorate your cake. Another simple way to decorate your cake is to make some beautiful flowers at the top of your cake with the help of icing tubes. You can also write down a sweet message along with the flowers.

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