How to Smile During a Speech

People often make a big mistake of not smiling while delivering a speech to their audience. At times, speakers tend to keep more focus on the movement of their hands and body but forget that they have to smile. Most of the times, people find it hard to smile at the audience due to lack of confidence while some do not consider it useful and try to remain serious.

You should note that, smiling at appropriate moments during a speech makes the audience comfortable and they take more interest in your speech. Otherwise, the listeners will get tired of your serious face and this might force them to lose interest in your speech. No doubt, that gesture is the most important thing while delivering a speech as it helps the audience in keeping focus otherwise, they will pay more attention to slides and ignore you. Obviously, speaker always want the audience to pay full attention towards him/her, therefore appropriate ways must be adopted to attract the listeners. You might find it hard to smile especially when you are delivering speech to strangers but there are ways that can help you achieve your goal. The use of body movements and smiling at the audience will help you deliver a perfect speech.


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    In order to deliver your speech in a wonderful way, you should try to increase the use of gestures. The use of phrases like ‘in addition’, ‘moreover’, ‘in contrast, ‘consequently’... will help you using gestures.

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    You should try to make eye contact with your supervisor or anyone in the audience you find suitable. For this, you can take a few moments and analyse the audience and pick a couple of people who seem right to you. While delivering the speech, you can make eye contact with them one by one as this suit your comfortable level and help boosting your confidence.

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    Smiling all the time during your presentation will be inappropriate, therefore you should think hard and find suitable statements where you could smile at the audience.

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    Make sure that your smile is reasonable enough as you are not here to show all your teeth and want to keep the audience focused.

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    You can take a one second pause during your speech. The most appropriate moment to smile will be at the end of a particular topic or while starting a new topic.

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