How to Spend New Year’s Eve All By Yourself

The key to spending the New Year’s Eve all by yourself is by not thinking of the night as something special. Take it as any other usual night and you will remain upbeat and not feel sad while there are other people partying outside. Some people simply love being alone as they have a lot to do and they like to be all by themselves. If you are one of those people, then it shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are not, then there are certain things you need to get involved in. Make yourself busy.


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    Start off by treating yourself with a nice dinner. Try to have supper at usual hours on the New Year’s Eve. Since restaurants are occupied with people enjoying the New Year’s Eve, you can either order something from outside or cook yourself a nice dinner so you can eat it on the night. Always plan before time and make things which you believe you will love to eat.

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    Watch a movie or something of your interest. The TV must be full of programmes which will be celebrating the arrival of the New Year. However, a movie won’t be throwing the time at your face; which will probably make you feel worse. So, pick a new movie or the one which you have always loved to watch.

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    If you are a drinker, then try to drink in moderation. Don’t get drunk to the extent that you can’t control yourself. A little buzz will be enough for you on the night.

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    If you don’t feel like waiting for midnight, then don’t wait up. Remember: it’s just another night and people talk about 12:00midnight as if it’s a big deal even though it’s not. If you want to sleep around 11:00PM, then go to sleep around 11:00PM. Why wait up till 12:00midnight anyway? Moreover, if you are up at 12:00midnight then the noise outside is going to make you sulk alone. Therefore, it’s better if you fall asleep during usual bedtime hours.

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    Start to concentrate on other things rather than the date. 31st December is just a historical trick played on the society. The actual New Year starts during Spring and not Winters. Moreover, winters simply make you sadder than usual. Stop thinking about the date and start thinking about tomorrow. Enjoy your holidays and give some time to yourself. Read a book and fall asleep, or write something down if you are planning to do something the next day.

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