How to Dress on New Year’s Eve

New Year Eve is an occasion of celebration and enjoyment. Therefore, do not miss any chance to rock the New Year’s Celebrations and look different from others. Your dressing on New Year Eve shows your excitement about upcoming year and your knowledge about the ongoing trend on the fashion industry. Make sure to keep the theme of the party in mind while finalizing your dressing. It is really important for both men and women to have a proper idea that how to dress on New Year’s Eve. Are you ready to grab other’s attention on the very first day of the New Year? Here we go…


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    Apply a perfect makeup

    Women’s Makeup: It’s New Year Eve – so, apply a makeup that that is slightly more striking than you would normally wear. You can Apply Purple Smoky Eye Makeup or Pink Smokey Eyes Makeup. Moreover, you can also Apply Gold and Black Cat Eye Makeup to look different and attractive. Once you are done with the eye makeup, apply a nice and good quality lipstick. Learn How to Match Your Lipstick with Eyeshadow. Otherwise, you can simply Wear Red Lipstick or Do Glitter Lips as both of them go well with many dress colors. Last but not the least; Makeover Your Nails for a Party.

    Men’s Makeup: Men’s makeup is simple and less time consuming as compared to women’s makeup. Wash your face with a fine quality face-wash and wipe it dry. Apply a moisturizer in a circular motion until it thoroughly penetrates into your facial skin. Apply men’s conceal to cover the dark spots or circles and top it with a liquid base foundation. Make sure that the foundation is according to your natural skin tone and apply it gently. Apply some loose powder with the help of large face brush and blend it with the foundation to attain natural look. Apply some lip balm for a nice finishing look. Check out the procedure to Make Lip Balm with Vaseline and Beeswax Lip Balm.

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    Choose an outfit carefully

    It is a New Year Eve – so think out of the basic everyday wear and put on something new or different. For example, you can dress up like you were going out for a grand dinner or party. However, the theme of the New Year Eve’s and the location of the party are the two very basic elements that you really have to keep in mind while finalizing your attire. If it’s a themed party or get-together, then follow the instructions given in the party’s invitation. On the other hand, if you have been given an open hand; then select your dress according to the location – whether it’s indoor or outdoor party.

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    Outfit Choices for indoor party

    For Ladies: Women can wear something light while attending an indoor party. You can go for a skirt that falls at or just above the knee, one-shoulder dress, backless, shiny Frock, mini dress, cocktail dress etc.

    For Men: You can think of a suit with a sharply cut for an indoor New Year Eve’s party.  It is better to minus the tie. Waist coat, vests, dark color blazer, or dark jeans with a smoking jacket are other cool ideas for men to rock the indoor party. You can roll up the sleeves of your shirt for more attractive look.

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    Outfit Choices for Outdoor Party

    For Ladies: Make sure to show only a little skin as deep neck or cuts are usually not appreciated in New Year Eve’s outdoor celebrations.  Wear long glittery neck column gown with a nice fitting, long Strapless dress, long frock, long pant with nice top etc. However, carrying a light faux fur stole, blazer, top, shawl or scarf is a nice idea to cover the exposed skin in case of any sudden weather changes.

    For Men: Men can put on long pants and long sleeves shorts along with muffler to get amazing look. Collared shirt along with a lighter jean and dark blazer is a good choice. Two-button suits with a tie, turtleneck shirt or sweater, nice blazer, leather jacket, vest, light sweater, etc are some other good choices.

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    Color Combinations

    For Women: Black color attire in any design is a fabulous choice for New Year’s Eve. A shiny black cocktail dress will be best choice. In addition, you can go for a glittery silver or golden dress as both of them are the most worn colors after black. Anyhow, the remaining colors can be good choices as well – if they suit your complexion.

    For Men: Black is a formal color and a best choice when it comes to men’s dressing. Black blazer or jacket with white shirt is a superb idea. A black tuxedo with a white shirt and black skinny tie would be best as formal attire. Other than black, you can go for gray, blue, maroon, or green color as well. It is better to avoid purple, red, pink, or orange colors.

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    Do a perfect hairstyle

    Your New Year Eve’s dressing remains incomplete without a proper hairstyle. So, consider the given below hairstyles:

    For Women: Think of a Chic Pony Hairstyle, Half Up, Half Down Hairstyles, or Messy Side Bun Hairstyle for an indoor party. Half up Half Down Hairstyle, Funky Edgy Fall Hairstyle, and High Pony Hairstyle are cool choices for an outdoor party.

    For Men: Consider Faux Hawk Hairstyle, or Layered Hairstyles for both indoor or outdoor party. Moreover, check out some more Simple Hairstyles for Men.

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    Foot Wear

    Both men and women must surely avoid wearing brand new shoes on New Year Eve’s Party. In case if you are planning to wear never-worn shoes, then make sure to break them in ahead of the party so that you feel comfortable with them. For an outdoor party, men can wear dark color pointed shoes or boots and women can wear covered shoes or the trendy glittery boots. If you have height issue or wearing a long dress, then make sure to wear medium or high heels. No sneakers at all please! Happy New Year!

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