How to Stick to your New Year’s Resolution

Almost everyone in this world makes New Year’s resolutions. However, the tough part is not that you have made those New Year’s resolution; in fact, the tough part is when you have to implement those resolutions in your daily life. Before you start writing things down and don’t commit to them later, first think about the fact whether you are up for working on all your resolutions or not.


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    First of all, be specific regarding the resolutions you make. For instance, if you said to yourself that you are going to lose weight, then that is not enough. Be more specific regarding the amount of weight you will lose and the time you will take to lose that weight. This will help you achieve your goals easily.

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    Rather than making a lot of resolutions on the New Year’s Eve, go for a limited amount of resolutions and implement them all.

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    Write all the resolutions down and put the list in a place where you will be able to see it on a daily basis. This is going to serve as a motivation towards working for your goal. In case you want to keep the resolution private, then keep it in a journal which you read on a daily basis.

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    Take action as soon as possible. For instance, if you are planning to lose weight then start working on it as soon as you have thought about it. Buy the necessary equipment or meet up with the dietician.

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    Practice certain behaviours which will not make you deviate from your goal. For instance, if you are planning to quit smoking, then don’t opt to go to areas where there is a lot of smoke. This will only drift you away from your ultimate target and make things difficult for you.

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    Set goals which you can achieve easily and once you do achieve them then reward yourself with a nice meal or other things which you stated that you are going to buy only when you will achieve this goal. Another way is to reward yourself with certain amount of money on achievement of every goal. Once you have $1000 then go buy something that you always wanted.

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    Start substitution of good habits with bad ones. If you are quitting junk food, then start eating healthy food instead. Moreover, if you think you don’t spend time with your family, then start spending time with them and give yourself reasons to do so.

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