New Year Greeting Messages for Husband

So the new year is coming up and you plan to send greetings to everyone and when you plan to think about what are you going to write your life partner with whom you want to spend half of your life with, well we recommend you make a customized card specially for him it is not just a greeting its greetings with love and the cost just a little time and devotion it doesn’t really matter if you consider yourself crafty or not it will be quite easy to make a card. You can design it yourself with any stamps or stickers you might have. Just follow this easy guide and give your husband the best New Year greeting ever.

Things Required:

– 8-1/2 x 11inch piece of a card heavy paper would be preferred.
– Scissors
– Ruler
– Pencil
– Markers
– Glue
– Computer (optional)
– Printer (optional)
– Stickers (optional)
– Stamps (optional)
– Photo (optional)


  • 1

    Pick the heavy construction paper piece in red or green color. Fold it parallel in half and then fold the other half perpendicularly this will make your card that.

  • 2

    Use your imagination and design the front of the card with, stamps, stickers, illustrations of Christmas trees, reindeers, or Santa clause. Once you are done making the design write with a bold marker (Merry Christmas to my *Special nickname that you have for him*)

  • 3

    Sit and think, think real hard what make him special what intrigues you about him and write it inside no second thoughts remember poems work as well you, thanking him for all the sweet things he do’s for you won’t hurt it will just make him a lot happier.

  • 4

    If you are planning to write a long letter about all the things you can think off we would recommend a word processing program, you take advantage of all the cute and attractive fonts and write longer. Once you have written down all the things you want take a print out and glue it inside the card this will make the card look neat and will be a lot easier to read on a small card.

  • 5

    Now take out those Christmas stickers and stamps that you have and start decorating the inside of the card just be sure that you don’t paste the stickers and stamps on your writing verses as that is the precious part of the card.

  • 6

    When completed sign the back of the card with your name usually where the price tag would be to cover it, and a verse regarding how much special he is to you and you made this card with your own hands for him.

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