How to Choose New Year’s Party Themes

Many people like to celebrate this special evening in their homes by inviting over their close ones. If you have thrown a party, consider having a New Year’s theme party with friends, colleagues and family members. There are so many entertaining and exceptional party theme ideas that you can use to make any party a remarkable experience. Do you need some breathtaking ideas to bring in the New Year with a smack? Follow the instructions to pick some ideas, invite your guests, and you will be geared up to start the New Year on an awesome note.


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    Decide the Time of your party:

    Decide what time would be suitable for you and your guests to easily attend the party. Your theme should go with the time of the day you are planning to have the party. If your party starts at night your theme should be a rather formal one but if you are not of that age and want a bit of fun a Pajama Theme can best go with the night time. An afternoon party can have a white theme or a sporty theme matching the day time.

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    Glow In the Dark Party:

    First of all, replace all electric light bulbs with black ones. You will have to buy glow sticks, costume jewelry, ornaments, or even eyeglasses to hand out to your guests. Consider using fiber optic lights to append a bit of color to your party. Try making soft drinks & cocktails with tonic water for a glowing drink display. The panoramic mood created by the black light is ideal for a party at night.

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    Karaoke Night:

    Purchase a karaoke machine for the night and search best tunes to play. You can let your host know ahead of time that there will be a singing competition, so they can practice. Ask your friends to dress up as their favorite performer or musician. Present best performance awards to your guests. Do not forget to include funny and creative awards such as “best boogie move” or “most pathetic dance.”

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    Pajama Party

    You are advised to choose a large space for the pajama party activities at home. Move heavy furniture & appliances out of the way to make the room spacious. Decorate the room with some white twinkle lights to generate a night time effect with fun. Scatter the balloons throughout the room to add a festive look. Games like pillow toss and sleeping bag relays are ideal for a New Year pajama party.

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    Keep the Costs in mind:

    Decide how much you will be spending for the theme, a lot of themes sound fun but are rather expensive. So take the cost of the theme in consideration before going for the final decision.

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    Don’t go for a theme used before:

    Don’t go for a theme that you have used before, it will make you and your guests bored on such a special day, do some brainstorming first in choosing the right theme for the party.

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