How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with your Kids at Home

New Year’s Eve is when parties are happening all around the world and most people prefer to go outside to have an exciting, adventurous and fun night to begin the New Year with a bang. However, if you aren’t up for it, there is nothing wrong with wanting to stay home and celebrating New Year’s Eve with your family and kids. However, if you really want to make it a fun night for everyone, here are a few ideas.


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    What is a New Year party without decorations? Fortunately, Christmas was just a few days ago and most of the decorations from Christmas are probably still lying around the house. You can easily sort through the available stuff and pick out the things you can use to simply give your house or lounge a festive feel. If possible, you can get ribbons, bows and flowers to create a warm atmosphere as well.

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    Resolution games

    Playing resolution games is a good way to teach your kids the importance of starting the New Year with goals and objectives in sight and working throughout the year to achieve them or move closer towards achieving them. One of the most simple but effective games is where you can take small cards and write “This year I want to be more like _____” on them. Your kids can fill the blanks with anyone they like, it could be you, their mother, an actor, a singer or a historic figure. In any case, you can tell who your kids idolize and want to be like and they will also feel more motivated to work towards improving their behavior or doing better in the coming year.

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    Good food

    Good food trumps no matter what the occasion and the same is the case with a New Year party for kids at home. You will need to arrange for snacks to be had during the night, drinks, a pizza perhaps and dessert to satisfy the kids. Make it a special meal and get food that your kids love so that the night becomes memorable for them.

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    Watch a movie together

    Once the New Year has started and the games are over, you can all get together to a watch a movie till the early hours. You can go through the children’s section and pick out something that is both exciting and motivating for kids and gives them something or someone to idolize. The kids are probably going to fall asleep during the movie but if you start a little early you might make it to the end. In any case, the night is going to be memorable for the kids and time spent with family is never wasted. Happy New Year!

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