New Year Resolutions for Kids

On every New Year people plan out their new resolution list and force themselves to follow it throughout the year, but vey less people are able to do it. Like elders this trend is on its verge among kids as well.

Parents give their kids of all age whether they are preschoolers, School aged or teens, innovative ideas to set up their New Year resolution. Parents play an important role in deciding their child’s resolution idea they can help them by consistently follow the promise they have made to themselves.

Always remember that you need to increase their motivational level by telling them the benefit they will get when they succeed in doing what they had planned initially.


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    As we all know there are three categories of kids/children, preschool, school going and teens. Due their different mental level and age they have different requirements and needs, so keep in mind your child’s mind set in accordance to his or her age.

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    For preschool kids the resolution has to be small activities, which instead of burdening them benefits them in various ways like they should wash their hands before having their meal. Listen to their parents. Brush their teeth twice a day, drink milk daily or keep their toys in their place after playing with them etc.

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    For School age kids you can add following points into their New Year resolution:

    - I will complete my homework.

    - I will share everything with my mother and father.

    - I will not talk to strangers.

    - I will not disclose my personal information.

    - I will be nice to other kids.

    - I will not hurt animals.

    - I will take permission from my parents before doing anything.

    - I will eat healthy food.

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    Teenagers have a different life style, especially in their late teens, due to which their requirements and their life style changes. Parents have to be very careful while communicating with them.

    - You can include following ideas to their New Year resolution:

    - Avoid bad company.

    - Be careful while making friends.

    - Join community groups.

    - Take part in sports and decide which sport is your favourite.

    - Try to attain good grades in school.

    - Whenever you face a difficult situation, discuss it with your parents instead of handling it on your own.

    - Respect my elders.

    - Avoid using bad or abusive words during communication.

    - Take care of my health.

    There are several things which parents want their children to adopt or make them as their habit, but for that they have to tackle with them very carefully and with immense co operation.

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